Scuba Diving

Each diving into the Pelion Sea is an unfamiliar experience. Experienced scuba diving instructors will assist the Pelion visitor, so as to find himself into the deep sea, to the ultimate greatness of the nature. The  “Akrogiali Hotel’s” visitors have the opportunity to experience a snorkel tour, familiarization with the diving, when at the same time, the more experienced can enjoy an open sea scuba dive with the escort of an experienced diver.  


Pelion visitors can take sailing lessons, or participate to daily excursions to the neighboring coasts around Agios Ioannis. They also have the opportunity to enjoy wind-surfing, canoe-kayak and other water power sports, always attended by qualified instructors and a rescue team.   


Our objective is, through organized hiking, to give you the opportunity to discover the unknown nature of the canyons, to meet other people with the same interests, escape from the daily concerns, exercise yourselves and return to your usual activities refreshed! Your smile, at the end of the excursion, is our moral reward for our making! Of course each hiking is planned by several guides, according to the route and the canyon. You must comply with their instructions, as their aim is your safe descent.

Outdoor activities

The unique natural beauty of mount Pelion and the ultimate combination of the mountain and the sea has classified Pelion as a top priority for those who like action and extreme sports. The mazy net of the forest paths attracts the motorbike’s activists, as they can test their limits there, while the steep slopes and gorges attract the fanatic climbers and more others. Ski mountaineering, athletic survivor and mountain bike are some available activities for the visitors. Amongst the forest paths and the canyons slopes the “Akrogiali Hotel” is expecting the traveler in order to give him the opportunity to take a rest and relax before and after any daring undertaking.

Sea Sports

Are you adorer of the sea sports? Are you up for sailing, scuba diving or surfing? With the power of the air, the magic of the seabed and the energy of the waves, Agios Ioannis at Mount Pelion will travel you to the ultimate world of the sea sports. The natural landscape of Pelion offers the best field for sports and activities. Hydroplane over the waves on a sailboard and jump over the waves with a kite surf. Sail away and explore the archipelagic Aegean, enjoying the turquoise beaches. Amazing landscapes with the background set by the endless blue are ideal choices that last from spring till late fall and the invite you to test your limits. Discover all destinations ideal for sea sport here.
With the thrust of the north-eastern wind that blows in August, you will sail to conquer the Aegean Sea sliding over the water when travelling. While the wind guides you through the earth’s beauties, the seabed is there with its own beauties and secrets waiting for you to explore it. Scuba diving to the beautiful beaches of Pelion means reef adventures and discovery of thousands of different type of fishes. If you love scuba diving come with your gear and dive to the Aegean waters with the proper guidance of qualified divers, so as to enjoy the beauty of the seabed. You can also have a lot of fun on the top of the sea by sail boarding, kite surfing, sea skiing or wake boarding, at the well organized sea sports beaches of Pelion, where you can catch the best waves.