The beautiful and captivating Mount Pelion, with its exquisite environment and its mystic atmosphere, the mountain of twenty four villages, tens of settlements and profuse vegetation, has plenty of sights as well as a significant history. Traditions, legends, enchanting myths and historic battles have taken place in the area of Pelion, legendary creatures, warriors and mythical heroes have walked on or lived in it. It is a place famous not only for its many natural beauties but also for its long tradition in literature and arts ever since the Ottoman period. Pelion is beautiful at any time of year and is ideal for both winter and summer vacations, with a large number of businesses that provide even the most demanding guest with hospitality, tasty traditional food and all modern comforts. With its lovely stone houses coming out of the lush vegetation, its wonderful mansions, the churches, the springs, the stone bridges, the delightful routes and the variety of cultural and sports activities during the summer months, it is a real gem that offers opportunities for relaxation and entertainment, sharing generously its fruits and hospitality. Tens of dent elated beaches of all sizes, golden coasts and natural bays form the marine nature of Pelion, which tourists prefer for their summer excursions. Some beaches are more crowded and organized thus offering plenty of choices whereas others are more secluded and are therefore indicated for a carefree and relaxing swim. Pelion can impress any visitor not only with the beauty of its picturesque villages, its infinite vegetation and its unique architecture but with its rich history in the fields of art and literature as well. Some of the most important schools and libraries, renowned throughout Greece and abroad, were founded in the Mountain of Centaurs. Prominent artists and folk painters were born there, acted there and benefited its villages. Nowadays, Pelion preserves its traditional character, trying at the same time to keep up with the newest trends. It is one of the most favorite travelling destinations of both Greek and foreign visitors, while a lot of its villages have come to know a notable tourist growth. Its residents, feeling proud of their history and culture, are willing to welcome their visitors cordially and engage in showing them round their fruitful land.